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Bako National Park (Day Trip)

This small peninsula is home to seven distinct rainforest ecosystems which is why there is a remarkable diversity of animal and plant life. Notable residents are the rare proboscis monkey, leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques, bearded pigs, flying squirrels and monitor lizards, not forgetting the many varieties of bird species.

Fascinating plants such as the mangroves, strangling figs, carnivorous pitcher plants and symbiotic ant plants are among some of its other residents. 

The national park is 40 minutes by car to the Bako jetty and another 30 minutes by speed boat.

Pickup from hotel: 0830hrs
Drop-off: 1500hrs (depending on tide)
Packed lunch provided.

 Optional: Overnight stay can be arranged at the park’s chalets or bungalows. Includes Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast.