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Half Day Tours

Kuching City Tour (3 hours)

This tour includes Kuching’s Chinatown, the Cat Statue ‘Putih’, Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple, Civic Centre viewing Platform and the Sarawak Museum. Across the river, the Cat Museum, and return via the golden-domed City Mosque, through Old Kuching. 

Kuching City & River Tour (4 hours)

An amphibiously complete introduction to Kuching. This tour has the same itinerary as the Kuching City Tour (hyperlink) with the addition of a 1-hour pontoon boat river cruise for a river view of Kuching. 

Sarawak Cultural Village (4 hours)

Sarawak in a nutshell. 45-minutes away, nestled in the foothills of Mount Santubong, dubbed, a ‘living museum’, seven authentic traditional buildings are set amidst a scenic 17 acre site populated by members of Sarawak’s many ethnic groups going about their daily activities... 

Sarawak River Cruises (2 hours)

The best way to see and enjoy historic Kuching is from the Sarawak River, the main artery around which the city has grown. Our Sarawak River Cruise gives you a view of the city and its surroundings that is impossible to experience from dry land. This two hour cruise of the Sarawak River provides a unique view of the picturesque river life of Kuching... 

Kuching Heritage Trail (3.5 hours approx.)

Walking tour that starts at the Kuching waterfront. Stops include:Tua Pek Kong Chinese temple, Chinese Historical Museum, Carpenter Street, the General Post Office, India Street, Masjid India, Gambier Street, Brooke Dockyard, picture stop at the State Mosque, last stop is past the Merdeka Square to the St Thomas’ Cathedral for a short visit and ends at the Sarawak Museum. Note: As this is a walking tour, wear comfortable shoes.  

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (3 hours)

The best place in Sarawak to view semi-wild orang utans rescued from captivity and trained to survive in the surrounding forest reserve. The centre is a 45 minute drive away from Kuching city and another 20 minute walk to the feeding area. Feeding times are at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Note: The orang utans are semi-wild therefore sightings cannot be guaranteed. 

Matang Wildlife Centre (3.5 hours)

This centre is part of Kubah National Park and is Sarawak’s main centre for wildlife rehabilitation which includes orang utans, sun bears, bear cats, civet cats, sambar deer, barking deer, porcupines and crocodiles. The various animals can be viewed in spacious natural enclosures whereas a large aviary houses a variety of hornbills as well as brahminy kites and sea eagles... 

Jong’s Crocodile Farm (3 hours)

Host to over 1000 of Sarawak’s legendary man-eating crocodiles in its 3.5 acre complex, visitors can watch the crocodiles being fed and learn about their life cycle at this farm. Time will be allowed for a visit to the farm’s mini-zoo where monitor lizards, samba deer, bearded pigs, porcupines, honey bears, otters and pythons are also reared.The farm is a 50 minute drive away from Kuching city. Feeding times are: 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. 

Santubong Wildlife Cruise (3.5 hours approx.)

Our award winning product (Hornbill Tourism Gold Awards, Best Tour Product) fails to disappoint with a boat ride searching for wildlife. As the light starts to fade, we will search for the rare proboscis monkey and when dusk arrives, we will search for crocodiles. We will then proceed to where the fireflies gather at night for a wonderful natural light show.4 p.m... 

Mangrove & Irrawaddy Dolphin Watching Cruise (3 hours approx.)

Enjoy a close view of the heavily silted mangrove swamp which is a safe haven to creatures like mudskippers, crabs, monkeys and reptiles. The Santubong area is one of the best areas to spot the Irrawaddy, or snubfin dolphin as the waters are shallow and brackish.Pick up at 9 a.m. from your hotel and transfer to the Sarawak Boat Club which is a 40 minute drive away from Kuching city. 

Bidayuh Longhouse Tour (3 hours)

The focal point of the village is its large and well-preserved traditional longhouse which is home to dozens of families. This guided tour introduces visitors to the unique use of bamboo within the longhouse with regard to its construction and in the agricultural practices of the Bidayuh and other features of the longhouse.Annah Rais is a Bidayuh village about 45 minutes drive away from Kuching city. 

Kuching Bicycle Tour

If you think you have the time and energy to try something fun, exciting and offbeat then the Kuching City Bicyle Tour is a must-try for you! First-timers and repeat visitors here will enjoy the flexibility that the tour offers. 

Full Day Tours

Bau Fairy and Wind Cave (Day trip)

Fairy and Wind caves are two unusual limestone caves situated in the town of Bau. Fairy Cave was named as such because of a stalagmite structure at its entrance which is said to resemble Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy.Wind Cave got its name from the constant cooling breeze which blows through it. Visitors can explore the rock formations and admire the natural limestone sculptures... 

Gunung Gading Rafflesia Safari (Full Day)

Gunung Gading National Park is Sarawak’s main conservation area for the Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower. The Rafflesia tuan-mudae blooms in this national park and can grow up to one metre in diameter. The park also offers a number of attractive walking trails, leading through primary rainforest to beautiful waterfalls. Gunung Gading National Park is a 2 hour drive away from Kuching city. Pick up from hotel: 0830Drop-of: 1600Packed lunch is included.Note: Please enquire with the national park whether the Rafflesia is in bloom to avoid disappointment. 

Satang Island Cruise and Snorkelling (Full Day)

This cruise passes mangrove swamps and the picturesque Santubong fishing villages on the way to the South China Sea. Visit the turtle conservation and hatchery area and learn about the conservation programme. Proceed to the island’s pristine white sand beach for snorkelling amidst the wide variety of soft corals with an abundance of colourful marine life... 

Bako National Park (Day Trip)

This small peninsula is home to seven distinct rainforest ecosystems which is why there is a remarkable diversity of animal and plant life. Notable residents are the rare proboscis monkey, leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques, bearded pigs, flying squirrels and monitor lizards, not forgetting the many varieties of bird species. 

Overnight Tours

Satang (2D1N)

Day 1: Combination of Satang Island Cruise and Snorkelling (hyperlink) plus a one night stay. Basic accommodation. Turtle watch and dinner included... 

Tanjung Datu National Park (2D1N)

Tanjung Datu National Park is a 2 hr drive from Kuching and another 45 to 50 minutes by boat from the Sematan town jetty. The park is situated on the Datu Peninsular on the south western tip of Sarawak. 

Bengoh Valley (2D1N)

What was once an 8-hour hike to a Bidayuh Village is now a 15-minute boat ride away surrounded by scenic mountainous backdrops across the majestic Bengoh Lake (1 hour from Kuching). 

Mengkak Longhouse (2D1N)

Today we depart for Batang Ai passing through scenic countryside consisting of quaint little towns, villages, padi fields, pepper and oil palm plantations interspersed with secondary and virgin jungle as the road starts to wind and undulate as you go deeper into the interior with a short stopover at Serian Town.  

Mengkak/Batang Ai Combo

Day 01 : Depart for 3 Days / 2 Nights Mengkak (Batang Ai) Longhouse / Aiman Batang Ai combo. 

Sarawak Jungle Escapade (4D3N)

Day 1: The journey is similar to Lemanak River Safari (hyperlink) until the arrival at Batang Ai Hydro Lake. An hour and 15 minutes by longboat will take you across the deep blue water of the lake and up the narrow Batang Ai River, past rugged hillsides dotted with rice fields and pepper gardens to Jingin longhouse. Visit this 10-door longhouse and learn all about this ‘entire village under 1 roof’... 

Niah Caves (Full Day)

MiriNiah National Park is home to the spectacular Great Cave, one of the oldest known human burial sites in South East Asia, the Painted Cave with its unique depictions of prehistoric burial rituals, and countless thousands of cave-dwelling creatures, all surrounded by dense primary rainforest and rugged limestone outcrops. This tour begins with a 1.5 hour car/bus journey from Miri... 

Mulu Caves (2D1N)

Although only partially explored, ,the vast caves of Gunung Mulu National Park are believed to be one of the world’s largest and the four caves offer visitors an unforgettable encounter with nature at its best. 

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